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We pride ourselves on providing a broad range of services to optimize the health and wellness of all our patients. Scroll down to learn more about our services.

Lactation support

Erin’s got it covered as both a nurse practitioner AND certified lactation counselor (CLC). She can assess, diagnose, and treat both parent and child in one visit! This minimizes potential medical referrals and separate office visits to the child’s pediatrician or to the mom’s OB regarding lactation concerns.

Lactation Support
sick visits

sick visits

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chronic disease management

We can help you live a healthier life right here in your hometown, Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

Chronic Disease Management

preventative care

Optimize wellness with preventative care.

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supplemental care

Can't get in with your PCP?

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Supplemental Care

Privacy and respect while receiving care.

We treat all our patients like they are friends, neighbors, and family members. Our focus is on the utmost respect and discretion in all situations.